An athlete must be considered in toto.

Our programs include: a detailed personal history, regular physiological assessments, workouts, nutritional plans, and frequent coach-athlete interaction.

It Takes Explosive Power to Launch

Power is the principal skill in Athletics. It is an external measurement: Force times Velocity. How an athlete produces that power is an internal matter. More purposeful training requires knowledge of the interplay between the internal processes for the particular individual. How to get such information?

As Simple as Possible but not Simpler

Our main feedback tool is the Moxy Monitor. Moxy is a small, wearable sensor that utilizes Near-InfraRed Spectroscopy (NIRS) to continuously monitor oxygen saturation levels in the capillaries and cells of muscle tissue (SmO2) non-invasively. In addition the device is able to track the amount of blood flow inside the muscle tissue (tHb) and the quality of the muscular contractions. Kotinos Athletics is proud to be a Moxy Charter Certified Training Center.

Assessments using measurements such as VO2Max or Maximum Lactate Steady-State are superceded by the physiological information provided by the Moxy. The traditional thinking of training at varying percentages of some number related to power output is indeed a one-dimensional approach at best. Performances at a given power do not necessarily produce the same physiological response, and so too may invoke varying training stimuli. NIRS is slowly causing a major re-thinking of physiology science. For example, using the Moxy we can identify what system is limiting performance and what system is compensating for the limitation. Weaknesses can be trained without causing unneeded or unwanted training loads on other systems, including the likely over-stressed compensator.

It Never Gets Easier, You Just Go Faster

A powerful athlete is forged over time through successive advantageous regenerations at the cellular level. Regeneration is secondary to a training stimulus. However the quality of the regeneration (and the training stimuli) is tied up in the quality of the environment both inside and outside the athlete. That is to say: the air quality, the water quality, the load of toxins, the microbiome, and the quality and quantity of the macro- and micro-nutrients that the athlete takes up. An informed diet and pristine environment are essential to unlocking one's potential.

The Mind

is everything. What you think you become.