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Kotinos Athletics -- Services

Below are some of the services we offer.

Basic Coaching Services

This service is for those of you who are just getting things off the ground. We watch over you and keep you going in the right direction, injury free.

Priced at 50$ for 4 weeks

Physiological Testing -- Cyclists, Runners, and Others

For long endurance events we conduct a 5/1/5 protocol using multiple Moxy units. This protocol tracks the athlete's various systems from warm-up to failure. 5 minute efforts are interupted with 1 minute breaks of no effort. Each effort level is carried out twice before progressing to the next. Shorter events use a direct test. We have the athlete perform the event at competition level, measuring many of the same systems.

Including oxygen saturation and total hemoglobin, we measure (where applicable) heart rate, cadence, power output, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.

This is a physiological examination. The goal of which is to determine which system is currently limiting performance. With this knowledge a training program can be established that primarily addresses the current limiter. Additional information such as a prescription of "training zones" can be derived from the test.

We also offer tests, such as a 20 minute TT or a Windgate, that give an estimate of the athlete's current fitness.

5/1/5 or event specific assesment and de-briefing is 150$ after June 1st. Currently priced at 80$

Other tests such as 20min TT or Windgate are $100 after June 1st. Currently priced at 50$

Both tests, as one ride, is 180$ after June 1st. Currently priced at 120$.

Cycling and Running Coaching

We offer typical pre-rolled training programs. Programs are available for a wide range of activities: any track running event, distance running including ultra-marathons, cycling centuries, track cycling, time trialing, criterion racing, road racing, etc. Personalized programs are based on the results of the athlete's physiological assessment and their current fitness. These programs can include weekly or daily feedback, nutritional programming, and event specific strength training plans.

Personalized coaching begins at 100$ for 4 weeks, startup cost is the 150$ for initial 5/1/5 or sport specific assessment. Later assessments are discounted 50$.

Other Services

We also offer other services such as: general strength training and event specific strength training, basic to advanced nutritional plans suited to one's goals and lifestyles, group training and team coaching, college student and life coaching. Other possibilites do exist. Enquire here.